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We have nationally recognized expertise in management and risk reduction with vital sign monitoring, fall risks, dementia risks, and more.

Dr. Sarafa taking an elderly patient's heartrate.
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Our Process

At Avalon, we believe in the power of analytics, and utilizing data to improve and monitor heath. We are one of the only groups in the country that is able to do remote patient monitoring (RPM) to check patient vital signs in real time. Through a variety of wearable devices, combined with a wifi/bluetooth enabled mobile phone, we can measure and record heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, pulse, oxymitry, blood pressure, and more. With this data, we are then able to anticipate and prevent potential health issues before they even occur!


Why Utilize Avalon For Predictive Analytics Services?

What separates Avalon from others is our ability to anticipate and prevent problems before they even occur. That's why we have some of the lowest hospitalization and rehospitalization rates in the United States according to Medicare (Medicare services). We pride ourselves on communication as the first contact and principal point of continuing care for patients across the medical needs spectrum. We consistently rank in the top 1% of practices in the nation in terms of patient quality and satisfaction. Click the button below to start your journey towards better health.

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What Patients Say About Us

  • Dr. Sarafa, we had a good meeting and I thank you. I'm glad my son Steve was able to attend and participate in Mary's care plan. You did a nice job addressing our concerns. We both felt good about the meeting. Thanks again for spending so much time with us.

    Al V.
  • Thank you very much Dr. Gary! My wonderful son let me know all you did to keep me safe at the emergency room in Chicago. He let me know how you guided him. God bless you.

    Linda M.
Our Team

Meet The Avalon Team

  • Andrew Johnson, AGNP-PC - Headshot
    Andrew Johnson, AGNP-PC
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Bre'Ana Strong, MSN AGNP-PC - Headshot
    Bre'Ana Strong, MSN AGNP-PC
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Dr. Christine Shina M.D. - Headshot
    Dr. Christine Shina M.D.
  • Dr. Gary Sarafa M.D. - Headshot
    Dr. Gary Sarafa M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Michelle Moccia, DNP, ANP-BC, GS-C - Headshot
    Dr. Michelle Moccia
  • Dr. Andrew S. White, O.D. - Headshot
    Dr. Andrew S. White, O.D.
  • April Howard, NP - Headshot
    April Howard, RN
    Registered Nurse
  • Laura Kremer, NP-C - Headshot
    Laura Kremer, NP-C
    Nurse Practitioner
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